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A couple days ago I was sorting through all of my links and some blog roll-y stuff and I came across a crib recall post from Play at Home Mom. I probably wouldn’t have paid any attention to that particular post it if she hadn’t added a picture of a crib that looks EXACTLY like Sophia’s.

We bought Sophia’s crib used off of a Craigslist ad. That alone sets many people off because we’re told not to trust used baby items, “You never know if they’ve already been recalled or if they’re missing parts”. I still say ‘used’ is a great way to go just be smart about it. Usually it’s obvious if there are missing parts, so that part is simple. Don’t buy that one. Make sure all of the manufacturer’s stickers/labels and “do not remove” tags are still in place, and stick with newer looking models. Besides, the crib Sophia is using has been on the market since 2002 and it was just recalled in June of 2008. How pray tell does that make a NEW crib a safer bet? Anyway, Sophia will be getting a new crib at a used price.

If you have one of these cribs:

Crib Styles:
– Berkley
– Hilton
– Positano
– Spindle
– Windsor

Only the Following Crib Model Numbers are Included:
BC-23, BC-36B, BC-36G, BC-36P, BC-007, BC-010, BC-010C, BC-010HP, BC-010W, BC-017, BC-107C, BC-107CR, BC-110C, BC-110HP BC-110W, DA617BC, DA620BC, DV730N, DV730W, DA770BC, DV830-N, DV830-W, 0113B00, 0113K00, 0303C00, 0303G00, 0303B00, 0309K00

Then you can go to the Jardine Crib Recall site for a voucher on a new crib (which will probably be recalled six years from now *eye roll*).

Detailed instructions for what you’ll need to do to receive a voucher for a new crib can be found here. Make note of step #2 and #3…

2. Remove mattress support hardware and identification label using the enclosed instructions and Allen key that is provided.

3. Place the bolts, mattress support plates, identification label and signed acknowledgment form in the prepaid shipping envelope provided.

If you’re going to buy a use crib, MAKE SURE the label on the base that holds the mattress in place is still there. If it’s missing, that’s a BAD SIGN.

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  1. Wow… that is definitely enlightening. That tip about making sure the label is still there is invaluable. Thanks, Erica. Meanwhile, I’m amazed that the relief for this recall is a voucher for a whole new crib. Incredible! And prepaid shipping label, too. They sound like a decent company.

  2. Gavin’s crib was free from a sister of a friend so we really didn’t know much about it’s history. Cole refinished the railing and added so much support and reinforcement that he might as well have built the darn thing. He use to hang out and wrestle in it with Gavin and it didn’t budge. I was comfortable going used because Cole is so handy, but ioverall it’s risky business.

  3. Sarah – Free is AWESOME! I don’t think most people add/reinforce much to the used cribs they buy/receive, and that’s what I had in mind when I wrote my ‘buying used cribs’ guidelines. I saw how Cole secured the Johnny Jump Up thing you guys had in the other house – I would totally trust his handy work ;-)

  4. Thanks so much for your post. My husband and I just bought one of the recalled cribs on craiglist and I was hoping you could explain what you mean by “the label on the base that holds the mattress in place”. I see three labels that are located on the wood but that’s it. Thanks!

  5. Holly – I meant the springs/mash that the mattress actually rests on. There should be a label on there that is secured with zip ties (or something resembling zip ties). This label has the model number of the crib on it and is actually a plastic lined envelope.

    I don’t know if the labels on the wood will work, and those will be hard to remove since they’re stickers. If that’s all you have I’d call the company and make sure before sending it out. I hope this helps.