Supper Daddy Fix it All

My mother gave Sophia a cooking set for Christmas. It was meant for ages eight and over (stated on the box) because of the porcelain tea set that it came with. Usually Sophia is very careful with things so I didn’t think the intended age thing would be a factor. I was wrong. She broke a dish. I heard it slam on the floor and then immediately after, “Momma broken. Momma broken. Momma broken.” I told her to put it on the counter and daddy would fix it when he got home…eerr after he finds the super glue.

pink porcelain plate

The next day, she was at the kitchen table playing with some silly bands she got in her gift bag at one of the many birthdays we attended. She stretched one of them it to the limit and it broke. I was nearby doing dishes and watched her get up and place it on the counter next to the still broken plate, “Daddy fix it.” She’s so stinkin’ cute.

yellow tweety silly band

I’m wondering if these breaks have to do with her strong curiosity for what is inside things. She’ll often hand me plastic toys that are molded into just one piece, but of different colors, and ask me to take it apart. She simply won’t give up asking no matter how many times I tell her, “Honey that’s just one piece. It’s not supposed to come apart.”

Yesterday her curiosity made me fear that daddy will soon have to become a lot more handy that merely a super glue wielding expert. For our new house, instead of a unit with the freezer on the bottom, we picked out a side-by-side refrigerator. For the first time Sophia can reach her own things, so she has started opening it on her own to retrieve or put her cup of milk away. It made me nervous when I saw her watching the door very intently as she closed it slowing and mentally making note of the point at which it seems to close on it’s own.

I know what you’re thinking, and I’m certain she wasn’t trying to see if the light goes off or not. I’m pretty sure that mystery has been solved for her. Months ago she discovered the button the car door hits as it closes which turns off the dome light. It’s part of her get-in-the-car routine to press that button several times before getting in. I think she presses it several extra times if it’s raining just so it annoys me more. Stinker.

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  1. Glad im not the only parent being forced to wait in the cold/rain/ice storm (that ice bites at your ears) as they wait for a three year old to decide they are ready to sit in their seat. After all, if I have to suffer everyone should. *snicker*

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