Job Loss for a Five Year Old

Kurt and I watched the presidential debates yesterday. Lukas went to bed early because he was being a fussy fossa monkey. After her baby was gone Sophia wanted to sit between us on the couch. We had to tell her to play quietly several times. Finally she sat there watching with us and asked, “What are they talking about?” Kurt inhaled to begin a long lecture, but then realized he couldn’t figure out how to explain unemployment, manufacturing job loss, and jobs being shipped to other countries to a five-year old.

In school Sophia is learning about countries and continents, or has at least been shown a map and had a couple major land masses pointed out. I know this because she has drawn maps at home, pointed to a spot within her scribbles, and said, “this is America.” Yesterday she came home with a bag full of artwork she had done and school and it was all African animals. She has also been drawing giraffes at home and telling me about the African Savanna.

I forget how I tied in Africa, but basically I used it as an example to tell her about different places in the world. “There is a place called China and they make a lot of things that used to be made in America, so some people don’t have jobs to go to in America because those things are made in China now.” Yes, you could say I lied like one of the candidates, but the details get lost in the translation to a five-year old.

Her reply was precious, “They’re taking all our coins?” Yep, in a nutshell. Then the warm fuzzy moment of her brilliance was lost when she began asking if we had more coins for her piggy bank.

Fuzzy Scarf

Princess Sophia

Sophia wearing one of the three tiaras she received for her birthday.

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  1. It’s good that you are exposing your child early to politics. BTW, I’m here from Wordless Wednesday meme and I don’t know how this post relates to WW. Perhaps I’m on the wrong post? Please drop by and visit me ;-)

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