The Reluctant Snow White and the Seam Ripper

Twas the night before Halloween. Momma was frantically finishing the costume sewing. Dad handed Baby Lukas a plastic ax to get him used to carrying it, and told the boy, “Don’t hit anything.” And Australia was all WTF? I’m pretty sure Kurt needs a mental evaluation.

Lukas, apparently being a more normal boy than his father went around hitting EVERYTHING. He hit walls, the couch, the toy slide, and of course he hit his sister. After being instructed not to hit his sister he began hitting the top of his own head. The “Y” chromosome is strong with this one.

I had been up till two in the morning on the eve of Halloween eve and stayed up till three the next night trying to finish the costume in time for Princess Snow white to wear her gown to preschool. She was excited watching it all come together. I didn’t get it all done that night. In the morning while the kids ate breakfast I finished the cape. The only thing I didn’t get to before school was the red bow for her hair.

After breakfast we had a unicorn boy moment, went to the store, came home, and I told Sophia, “After lunch you can wear your Snow White costume.” That is when she announced to me that she didn’t want to wear it. My emotions suddenly cycled between rage and something beyond extreme disappointment. I held back tears and bit my tongue. I wanted to tell her how hard I worked on their costume that she picked out. I never intended to pick such a complex pattern with so many colors. I had thought of making her into Princess Tiana and making a frog costume for Lukas, but when Sophia saw the Snow White picture as I flipped through the pattern book that all went out the door.

I told Sophia, “Well we can put it in your backpack in case you want to wear it at school.” She told me she didn’t want it in her backpack. I really should be used to this behavior from her, but I worked very hard on this. I don’t know how to sew really. Over the summer I sew two dresses for Sophia and for her birthday I made two skirts. Other than an outfit a friend helped me make when Sophia was an infant that was all of my pattern reading and clothes sewing practice. There were many things I had to look up and watch demonstrated on YouTube to make this costume. I probably spent as much time sewing as I did researching and learning the true value of my seam ripper. Kurt guesstimated that I spent thirty hours working on the Snow White costume.

Purple summer sundress

Dress finished 7/17.

Another picture of first purple summer dress

Same dress just more layers added later in the day.

Second summer dress

Dress finished 8/6.

First birthday skirt

Skirt finished 9/19.

Second birthday skirt

Second skirt finished 9/21.

I managed to sneak the Snow White costume and one of Sophia’s birthday tiaras into her backpack while she ate lunch. After the bus picked her up I called her teacher to tell her the costume was in there in case Sophia changed her mind. When school let out and the bus came to drop her off at home again I fully expected to see a princess get off the bus. I had my camera in hand, but I again had to fight tears. I asked her if she wore her costume at school and she told me she did. Well, that’s a relief at least. I wish I could see her in it, but at least she did wear it.

When I took the costume out of Sophia’s backpack I noticed a white strip of fabric and asked her about it. She said it was for her hair. I guess she made her teacher come up with something else for her because apparently the tiara didn’t work out as it is not what Snow White wears. Thankfully I finished the red bow for her hair while she was at school so she could wear that trick-or-treating. Oh my child. I hope your future teachers are as understanding of you as the current one.

I finally got to see my daughter in the costume I made for her when we all went trick-or-treating, but it’s Kurt that had to encourage her to wear it. She wouldn’t do it for me. Trick-or-treating went amazingly well. Sophia audibly said, “Trick or Treat” at every house and it only took a couple houses for Lukas to catch on to the begging for candy holiday.

Snow White and her Bashful Dwarf

Bashful wouldn't eat anything but crackers

Snow White

Bashful and his Unicorn Boy bruises

4 thoughts on “The Reluctant Snow White and the Seam Ripper

  1. I think you are doing a wonderful job on your sewing. Well done! Your daughter looks beautiful in her Snow White costume. Just a thought but please ignore it if it does not work for you. Maybe it would be good to deny your daughter some things until she learns more appreciation for your huge efforts. It is extremely hard to do this especially when they are children and you want to make everything so perfect for them. I have actually started doing this with adults who sometimes do not appreciate everything I do. I have found when one willingly overdoes, the recipient begins to take things for granted. I guess it must be human nature to do so but people can be trained, including me. Anyway if you do not agree with this approach, no problem. Each person has to find what works for them. I mainly wanted to tell you that you have done a marvellous job.

    • Thank you for the complements on my sewing and thanks for the advice. I can see where you’re coming from however I think this is a little different. My daughter reacts to things differently than some and it’s not always expected. For example when she was three we spotted a deer in our yard. We were excited and wanted to show her the beautiful deer out the window. She reacted as if we were forcing her to do something. She refused and cried for about half an hour. Basically she’s very randomly sensitive to being pressured.

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