Science Sunday: Dig A Gem

Sophia received four science projects for Christmas from her cousin. She picked the dig a gem to do first. I opened the box and out came a grey cube with a wooden chisel, wooden mallet, and a paint brush for dusting off the gems. “There are gems in there?” Sophia asked a little disappointed with the contents.

“Yes, it’s just like in your Curious George book when he helped find dinosaur bones. You have to dig for them carefully.” I told her. Anything relating to Curious George makes her happy and excited.

dig a gem

She chiseled away in search of gems.

using heavy-duty equipment

After a while her arms got tired and dad brought out the real tools.

working away

Working away. The heavy-duty equipment dad brought out helped a lot.

brushing the dirt away from her gems

Cleaning the gems off.

Brushing the dirt away from the gems

Sophia really takes her work very seriously.

Proud of her gem find

Showing me her gems not knowing I can’t actually seem them.

Her gems

Here they are!