Parental Genetics Blame Game: Ode to Balloons

In the back of the car the kids were playing with their Red Robbin balloons on the way home from dinner last night. Sophia was heard to sing, “blah blah blah bloooonnn! blah blah blah blah BLOOOOONN!! blah blah blah blah BLOOON!”

Sophia with her Red Robbin balloon

Kurt, “That’s me.” Referring to the similarities of how Sophia was acting and how he acted as a child.
Me, “Yes. I know. It certainly wasn’t me.”
Kurt saying in all seriousness, “I still do that when I’m alone in the car driving home from work.”
I look over at him, “Well at least you’re alone when you do that.”
Kurt, “I don’t want to see your sneer.”
Me, “You really still do that?”
Kurt, “Yes. Blah blah blah bloooonnn!”
Me, “I know I’m you’re wife, but that was totally over sharing. Seriously.”

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