Tooth Fairy Pillow: All We Need is a Loose Tooth

I don’t know when or how I came about the idea of a tooth fairy pillow, but I know it was most likely thanks to the interwebs. I’m pretty sure it was something I found before Sophia even had her first tooth and the notion stuck in my little head all this time later.

I think all this reading about zombie apocalypse and general disaster preparedness has kicked me into an odd preparedness overdrive because Sophia doesn’t even have a loose tooth yet. Not one. Others her age are beginning to display gaps in their smiles, but so far not even one wiggly Sophia tooth. For the sake of the Tooth Fairy and in the interest of easy tooth finding and money depositing in the dark without waking the child I gathered some supplies without necessity nor valid reason.

I don’t need guidance in sewing a basic pillow, but I looked up a how-to anyway in case I found some simple ones with features I hadn’t thought of installing or helpful hints in decorating. I chose a how-to that used a ribbon to hang the pillow – very clever. It would be much easier collect teeth and deposit money if the pillow is hanging up vs clutched in the arms of the child.

It might be an insignificant detail for most children, but the one on the how-to looks like a bubbly “W” would be enough to turn my child off the concept. I can hear her now, “My name doesn’t starts with a W. This one can be for Lukas. I want an S on mine.” I did a search for molar tooth images, printed one out, and used it as my template.

molar tooth template

Sophia saw me cutting the paper tooth template out and asked me, “Is that a tooth?” Yes, whew!

Sophia's Tooth Fairy Pillow

Lukas' Tooth Fairy Pillow

Now I’m not really anticipating using the Tooth Fairy Pillow for Lukas anytime soon, however due extreme clumsiness after/during a recent/current growth spurt, it could happen. Five days ago Lukas’ turning mechanisms failed him and he ran full speed into a wall. He typically doesn’t turn on a dime, I mean he simply doesn’t do sharp corners. On a normal day the turning radius this child came with sucks, but typically only causes him to brush up against the wall. I was worried at the time but since then the boy has routinely eaten breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, and lunch before noon each day. He might be turning into a Hobbit.