Fourth of July in March

I’m in a sewing mood. I bought a couple patriotic themed five-packs of 9”x21” fabrics at Jo-Ann’s. Sophia immediately wanted me to make her a new skirt with them and so she picked out the prints she wanted me to use. It’s bad enough having red, white, and blue all on one garment but to also have clashing patterns…it made me twitch.

I found a skirt pattern to sort of tone down the randomness of it all, and well, it made my daughter happy. I used the “Banner Day Skirt” pattern from Moda Bake Shop. I finished it on Monday night. Sophia wore it the very next day and the day after that.

There are four places in which a top triangle overlapped itself a bit when I was attaching it to the upper part of the skirt. I think I should have sewn them to the white fabric used as the back hem before attaching it to the skirt. That may have helped. I’m happy with how it turned out overall. This was the first time I made a skirt where my only pattern was a triangle and the rest was simply measurements and instruction.

I know I’m way ahead of the holiday, but here it is, Fourth of July in March…
Fourth of July Banner Day Skirt

Sophia wearing her new skirt

Sophia had just come home from preschool and was tired.

The prints that are left I’m going to use to make a couple pairs of shorts for Lukas. After that I’m on to other skirts with some less patriotic fabrics.