Bigger Enough Already

In the first week of February Sophia told me she could go the bus by herself. I was already outside with my coat and shoes so I just went with her. The next day I asked her if she wanted to go by herself and she said yes. On her way out the door she looked at me like, “You’re really not coming with me?” and then happily ran off to her bus at the end of the driveway.

When Kurt came home he check Facebook to see what has gone on while he was away and saw my post about Sophia. He asked her, “Did you go to the bus all by yourself?” Sophia, “Well I just thought I was bigger enough already.” He almost had tears. He was fighting it.

The following week I was still going out to the bus when she arrived home. After arriving home on her second to the last day of school for the week, Sophia asked me if she can come home from the bus on her own. I told her I would have to ask the bus driver, because he isn’t supposed to let her go until he knows someone is home for her. As I picked her up at the bus the next day the driver brought it up. Sophia had asked him herself. I told the driver it was fine with me if it was allowable.

The first day of the following week Sophia was getting ready to take the bus to school then suddenly burst into tears. I asked her what was wrong. “You have to talk to the bus driver so I can get home by myself.” Heh, already done kiddo. I told her I had talked to him and I’ll be waiting at the door for her.

Sophia coming home from school

Picture taken: 2/20/2013. Sophia on her way home all by herself.

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