Gangsta Phase

I don’t think this qualifies as a word explosion, but Lukas is adding more English like vocalizations. I haven’t counted them out yet but the words he does have he is stringing together in two and three word sentences to get his point across better. We have 26 little books that each feature one letter of the alphabet that were a gift to Sophia when she was about Lukas’ age from their cousin. Lukas loves those little books as much as Sophia did and seems to have an attachment to one of her same favorite letters, “S”. He can point out that letter and say it. Of course he confuses the number “5” and letter “Z” for “S” but he’s two so whatever. He also knows the letters “O”, “N”, and “I”. In the “Y” book there is a page that is all yellow and Lukas loves to point it out proudly showing his knowledge and announce, “Leh-Loh!”. In a different alphabet book there is a picture of a yak with a yo-yo and he also likes to point out the yo-yo.

One day in March (3/7) Lukas didn’t want to go to swimming. He said, “hat”, which isn’t a new word for him, but it was the first time he said it without pointing to it on his head. I told him to go get it and then he happily came to the car to go swimming wearing his hat. The barista at my usual coffee place noticed I had a little gangster with me that day. Except during swim class, the boy wore the hat all day…sideways. I told Kurt about that and he encouraged Lukas to say, “yo yo yo!” Who knew that one could convert an ABBA fan into a gangsta.

Sadly Lukas has moved on from his gangsta phase. He no longer wears the hat all day everyday.

Gangsta Baby