Mediocre Birthday Cheese

Dinner was at Red Robin last night, or “Red Roo Robin” as Sophia calls it. I have no idea why she adds the “Roo”. I took Lukas’ hand when we were called for our table. He looked up and shouted, “Pizza!” and then added, “I want own pizza.” In previous trips to Red Robbin we had the kids split a kid’s meal.

Very recently Kurt was able to convince Sophia that she would like the grilled cheese sandwich, so we’ve ordered two meals with two different things and gave each kid half of the other order. Lukas, who is just as much a cheese lover as Sophia would not eat the grilled cheese sandwich. It’s unbelievable to me that we actually have to convince them that their beloved cheese and bread don’t turn into something horrid when put together in sandwich form. These kids are so weird. They’ll eat cheese that I wouldn’t even eat as a kid. I never liked cottage cheese by itself, Sophia loves it. I probably wouldn’t have eaten feta cheese and her age, both Sophia and Lukas like it. Lukas is even odder than that. He’ll eat blue cheese. Yes, BLUE CHEESE. He doesn’t like the blue veins, but he’ll eat the white areas and bits of the blue. Bizarre child.

As part of every trip to Red Robin no matter the day, there was a birthday somewhere in the restaurant and every unlucky server had to clap and sing their birthday song…

Happy, happy birthday, on this your special day.
Happy, happy birthday, that’s why we’re here to say, “Hey!” Happy, happy birthday, may all your dreams come true.
Woah! Happy, happy birthday from Red Robin to you.

On this trip Kurt was inspired to create his own version to the same tune…

Mediocre birthday,
That’s why you are here,
You can drown your sadness,
With lots of beer.

Mediocre birthday,
You’re finally thirty-two,
And now you’ve finally realized
That no one cares for you, HEY!