For Cwistmas from Santa

We play up the Santa thing for Christmas so much, and I have a lot of fun doing it, that I can’t believe I considered not doing the Santa stuff at all before Sophia was born. Every year some friends host a Christmas party and have a Santa show up. For the last three years Sophia has made a wish list for Santa by cutting out the things she wants from toy sale fliers. I’ve had Santa send them a letter stamped from the North Pole, and for the last two years we’ve gone to a Christmas light festival that also has a Santa. We hang stockings around the wood pellet stove, watch A Christmas Story and Charlie Brown Christmas, read T’was the Night Before Christmas, and bake cookies to leave for Santa on Christmas Eve.

This year at our friends’ Christmas party when someone came by to tell all the kids that Santa was here Lukas actually lit up, stopped what he was doing, and had me take him through the crowd to Santa. Once we got to the front of the line it became too real for him and he didn’t want to sit on Santa’s lap though, and even though she sat on Santa’s lap the last two years, neither did Sophia. She forgot her list and didn’t know what to do without it.

Misfit Christmas

I was dragging the clinging-to-my-leg Sophia Christmas-Story style to Santa. Santa was tickling her.

We went to the Christmas light festival two days before Christmas this year. Lukas rode the ponies again, two times in a row in fact. There wasn’t a line so he was allowed to stay on his pony for another round. We rode the train, saw the lights, and posed for pictures. Near the end Sophia wanted to visit Santa. But, again she forgot her list. She only knows the items by the picture and didn’t have the words to describe them. I remembered what she pasted on her paper because I’m Santa’s secretary and I do all the leg work, “Tell him you wanted a loom, a spiral pen, house design set, and house decorating set.”

Sophia wreath
Lukas wreath
Lukas on the pony

Before we got to the front of the line for Santa I told the kids, “Look Santa is giving out candy canes tonight.” So when we got to the front and Santa asked Lukas what he wanted…”I want a canny cane.” Sophia said nothing. She was frustrated that she didn’t just have a list to show him.

Santa photo

The morning of Christmas Eve Sophia came down stairs, “Where is the big present?” Santa puts the big gift in the toy room unwrapped…Christmas morning. She was a little confused about what day it was. Christmas morning we woke up to some serious cuteness overload. Sophia woke up and I heard her go into Lukas’ room to wake him. Lukas, “Is it Cwistmas?”
Sophia, “Yes brudder. Let’s go see what Santa brought us.”

I wasn’t able to capture their delight at Santa’s gifts to them because the video part of my camera died. I tried to prepare with our other video camera and even made sure to charge its batteries, but never bothered to turn it on to see that it was going to be an ass and ask me to set the date and time. I also wasn’t able to video Kurt reading Santa’s letter to the kids, but that’s ok since neither seemed overly interested in it this year. The first year Sophia was Lukas’ age and completely captivated. Lukas didn’t seem to get it. Maybe next year.

After playing with his new work bench from Santa for a while hunger got the better of Lukas and he noticed that the milk and salted caramel stuffed snicker-doodles we left out for Santa were gone except for a couple of crumbs. Yes, he noticed that crumbs were left. Of course if you ask the boy what Santa brought him he’ll tell you, “A canny cane.” Because that is what Santa handed to him personally. The boy hasn’t connected all the dots yet.