55 Flash non-Fiction Friday: Death with Dignity

Requiring terminally ill to linger in pain is cruel. What’s the point of a ‘death with dignity’ law if medical practitioners aren’t required to participate? Doctors claim a ‘do no harm’ clause, but opting for lethal doses of medication isn’t different from opting out of a beneficial medication, which has always been a legal choice.

55 Flash Fiction Friday

Dying with dignity

I think everyone should be able to choose when they die using a method that is the least painful including people that aren’t physically able to do it themselves. I really don’t see a big difference between being allowed to forgo certain treatments that would extend your life and allowing a doctor to deliver a lethal dose.

But for those that support this why refer to it as dieing with dignity? What wrong with calling it assisted suicide? That’s what it is! If people could really die with dignity then I’m all for it, but really how much dignity can there be when no matter what, you’re going to crap your pants?