They Say We Live in the Land of the Free…

This afternoon I checked my Google+ stream and found an article with an intriguing title, “40 Seattle cops arrest woman for sitting down, opening umbrella”. I don’t watch the news on TV so I don’t really know how the old main stream media has been covering #OccupySeattle but I’ve been following #OccupyWallStreet on Google+ since September 29th when I saw a friend living in Ireland post a link to, “A Massive Union Just Voted To Side With The Wall Street Protesters”. Prior to that, I don’t think I had even heard there was a protest at all. You would think that the “liberal media” would have been all over this, but they weren’t. Not at all.

I watched the mainstream news today. I waited for the latest development on this huge protest that is now also taking place in Europe. Pretty much crickets. Seriously. Ok they do cover the protest, but it’s so different from all the photos I’ve seen from local photographers on Google+ following the footsteps of Depression-era photographer Dorothea Lange, and they didn’t mention the woman who was arrested for sitting with an open umbrella.

Our truly liberal local news, The Stranger, was apparently the first to announce that the Mayor had declared umbrellas with a person sitting under it was declared a structure, and structures are not allowed in the park. I’ve been to Westlake Park many times. I know I’ve seen people sitting with an open umbrella there before. It’s Seattle for christsake! Next Mayor McGinn will attack the official Seattle dress code and wearers of flannel shirts will be banned from the city. Hopefully they’ll still be welcomed in our sister sate, Oregon.

Here is the video of the arrest: Deborah gets arrested for sitting while holding an open umbrella